Project U-Blitza is a HUGE, Massive Site Upgrade

That is Incorporating a TON of New Features Being Added
to over the next few months!

The project is led with over, a combined professional business and marketing team of 21 plus years of experience.

The Traffic2Prosperity U-Blitz Project will entail 3 phases with each phase separated from each other by a few weeks.

In each phase of Project U-Blitz, there will be a list of site improvement, new features including at least 1 BIG feature that is very unique from many other TE/ADvertising systems.

Each phase will include NEW Marketing content for affiliates to promote each new phase Project U-Blitz as well as the new features coming out for each phase.

Phase 1 for example will include some of the following features:

  • Backoffice Tweaks
  • New Training Videos
  • Surf Chat
  • New Splash Pages
  • Banner Blasts - Get your banners show at other ad sites
  • Prosperity Coins - Along with a Prosperity Coin Auction House system.

This is a long term project and it will spark A LOT of community involvement, excitement and curiosity from existing members and potential new members.

We are very excited about the U-Blitz project and the site upgrades coming out of the construction and improvements to Traffic2Prosperity from this project. After it's all said and done and the project is completed, we expect to have one of the COOLEST, Unique and EPIC Advertising System online.

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